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      "What are these grooves along each side for?" he asked, pointing out the little hollows which give the "prod" lightness and strength.The voice of Delehanty brusquely replied: "Open the door, please."

      There was a knock on her door, and her father said timidly: "Mr. Riever is down stairs, my dear."

      'not 'less Ye Say 'bunker Hill.'' 155The river being now hard frozen, Murray sent over a detachment of light infantry under Major Dalling. A sharp fight ensued on the snow, around the church, and in the neighboring forest, where the English soldiers, taught to use snow-shoes by the rangers, routed the enemy, and killed or captured a considerable number. A third post was then established at the church and the priest's house adjacent. Some days after, the French came back in large numbers, fortified themselves with felled trees, and then attacked the English position. The firing being heard at Quebec, the light infantry went over to the scene of action, and Murray himself followed on the ice, with the Highlanders and other troops. Before he came up, the French drew off and retreated to their breastwork, where they were attacked and put to flight, the nimble Highlanders capturing a few, while the greater part made their escape.

      Under other circumstances Pen would have been deeply affronted by his transparent ruse. But as has been said, in this affair she had no conscience. She allowed it to be seen that she had no intention of moving.

      They were silent for a moment. Both were thinking of the same thing.


      "I reck'n that'll do 's well 's any."